Celebrating the achivement of our 19/20 Film2Learn2£arn graduates!


Our 19/20 Film2Learn2£arn students have surely come a long way since last autumn. We are very proud of them, and let us celebrate their great achievements together!

Check our latest course diary via the link below, and learn how we plan to support our 2019/20 graduates further with their career.

This issue also includes our June COVID-19 updates.

Hopes for a brighter future: May 2020 COVID-19 Actions and Updates

Creative Sparkworks hope you are safe and well. We have made changes to usual services in response to the COVID-19 lockdown, and we are developing many new services to support our community and beneficiaries beyond Lambeth. 

We believe that a brighter future is coming and we are working hard towards it.


Film of the Month: Lockdown Life

A collage of stylish, uplifting films in response to the COVID-19 lockdown made by Film2Learn2£arn students


FREE film skills and employment course for Lambeth residents aged 18 – 25+

We’ve nearly completed our fifth Film2Learn2£arn course begun in October 2019. Click to find out more or to reserve your place on our next free skills and training course 2020/2021!



A visual arts training & employment charity in Lambeth, London

Working closely within the community, we’ve been changing young people’s lives in the past 11 years by increasing their technical and life skills, their confidence and entry-level paid jobs, through our free inclusive courses Film2Learn2£earn, Film with Health in MIND & Design with Health in MIND.

83% of our beneficiaries achieve paid work or gain places in higher education. We continue supporting them to have a voice for decreasing stigma and discrimination and increasing diverse representation in the industry for years to come.



Thank you for checking out our website. We hope you are well in this trying period. We as a charity are working very hard to support our local community and beyond through grant applications and new FREE programmes. Here is a brief overview of what to expect from us (last updated: August):

COVID-19 Responses:

We are successfully completing our latest course online with Zoom meetings, phone-calls and mentoring. We are also working hard to advance the ways we deliver our services and help our beneficiaries progress their creative career.

Read our COVID-19 Actions and Updates here.

Latest Students’ Progress:

3 of our EQUIP Paddingtn Development Trust (ESF and ESFA funded) trainees were paid to work as runners and marshals on Break, an innovative film production. The premiere, which just took place in a socially distanced drive-through manner, is believed to be ‘the first film premiere since the UK lockdown‘. The film is also currently on tour in the UK, find out if there is a one scheduled near you! 🙂

With special thanks to our former student Adriana Kyotková for reaching out to us. Kyotková also commented, as the Production Coordinator, that our students ‘were brilliant and the producers were happy too. Very hardworking. Thank you.’

New Grants and New Courses:

We have been awarded the latest EQUIP and PDT ‘Remote Working Grant’ in response to the challenges to entry level employment in the TV and film industries brought about by the current pandemic.We will be inviting our 2019/20 Film2Learn2£arn students and other young adults from London Boroughs of Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham, to join our FREE course ‘Remote Working Round’ funded by the grant. This course will run from July until December 2020. The young people are expected to be gaining paid work skills and remote job interview skills, specialist CV skills and distance working technical skills introducing the latest relevant software for CG animation, SFX, post-production.

Our 2020 Buzzy Beez grant application has also been successful, which means we will be delivering a new summer arts programme to our local Lambeth Community! Detailed information and schedule to follow.

Events to Expect:

Our second promotional red carpet screening and fundraising event at the British Film Institute, Stephen Street is postponed and we expect to see you again soon later this year. Formal announcement to follow.

We are delighted to be invited to film London’s biggest free family festival Lambeth Country Show in 2021, and we look forward to the wonderful event in the coming year.

Creative Sparkworks 10 Years Anniversary Public Event

It’s been 10 years since we started working on our mission of skilling up and finding paid work in the film and design industry for youths from under-represented groups. To proclaim their talent, we screened some of the best films our youths made at The Third Floor, a world-class visualisation studio.

We had a fabulous attendance, wonderful live musician, delicious food and drink.

Please look out for our next Gala Event 2020 at the BFI Stephen Street on 9th June 2020.





“Creative Sparkworks has changed my life. They have given me the confidence and opportunity to pursue a career in film”.

-Omar, one of our star students.

We Exist To Support:

Creative young minds and talents from disadvantaged groups of young people including those with lived-experience of mental health issues, those facing poverty and homelessness, and young carers.

We nurture their first spark of interest and ambition with hands-on free technical and employability skills training led by practicing young industry professionals; we source paid work for our trainees through our established links in the industry of film, TV and design. Underpinned with mentoring from inspirational practitioners and industry representatives, our nationally accredited courses build self-confidence and instil professional standards, with work placements paid at the London Living Wage.

The Difference We Make:

Last year, 2019, we were busy delivery 2 further free Film2Learn2£arn courses. We showcased our students’ work to industry representatives as well as funders and families at public screenings each year, to raise the profile of what we do. No less than 9 students gained paid work on feature films, advertising films (McDonald’s!) and music videos and already, and one a place at film school.

This year, 2020, we are already extremely productive, with 3 student films produced and 2 more in production before the end of January; 2 students attended free Film Composing Masterclasses with Film London, and 2 inspirational speakers from the industry have motivated the group. Even more remarkably, 4 of this cohort have been in 3 different paid jobs as location marshalls and runners only half way through the course!


Over the years,

92% of our students have achieved more than one accreditation with the National Arts Award, and more recently with AQA Unit award scheme for technical skills and employability in support of achieving paid work.

We and our beneficiaries measure our success by the number of paid jobs they have gained, either full-time (20%), part-time freelance (60%), higher education (12%), or volunteering (for example with Thames Reach). We also employ them at the London Living wage as peer mentors and as crew for their youth production unit LAMBETH WALK FILMS.

Our students have worked for famous films including the 24th James Bond film Spectre, 25th James Bond film No Time to Die, Legend, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and several high-end music videos.



We are a small charity that can only survive with support from people like you, who care about our youths’ future and the diversity of the film and design industry.

Your help matters and can really make a difference to our youths’ lives.


Our students were employed and paid to film the famous Lambeth Country Show this summer & with dedication, preparation & excitement our crew were well-equipped & supported by young industry professionals to do a great job capturing the important event of the year.
During the Country Show, our 2018 video was being shown on the main screen, attracting much interest to the amazing work we do.
130,000 people attended the event and many of them also visited our stall near the Herne Hill entry.

We work with a wide range of talented disadvantaged young adults aged 18 – 30+ from under-represented groups who are passionate to start a career in the film and TV sector.


We wedge open the door of opportunity for them with our accredited free film courses, led by dedicated industry professionals including Filmfixer, Film London, WFTV and Screen Skills who share their up to date expertise.


The media workshop also provides a safe space for valuable socializing and friendship groups for like-minded individuals. Personal development is supported by experienced key workers specializing in youth and mental wellbeing.

A group of our students agreed to be interviewed for Black Thrive – a partnership for black wellbeing – to present at this year’s Brixton Reel Festival.
Live action filming by the Film Forever and Creative Skillset funded ‘Film2Learn2£arn’ (Film with Health in MIND) course in the famous Lambeth Walk


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