COVID-19 Actions and Updates

Creative Sparkworks Film2Learn2£arn Diary #3

Course Diary #3

Stay Connected and Creative at Home

Admin, Lambeth, London, United Kingdom

April, 2020

Thanks for checking out our COVID-19 action report and Creative Sparkworks hope you safe and well.

With the sudden Coronavirus outbreak, we as an education and training charity reacted immediately in accordance with the Government guidance, and have adapted our operation model to keep delivering our Film2Learn2£arn 2019/20 education and support.

We are also collaborating with organisations on multiple levels to further advance the way we deliver our services and to develop our business model within this rapidly changing environment.

Stay well at home!

From our Lockdown Life Film2Learn2£arn assignment response,

made by 2019/20 Film2Learn2£arn students from home


Despite the sudden lockdown, our students were updated and instructed with adjusted course design and with remote support from our staff.

They received the first brief away from the workshop to film and edit on their mobiles on the subject of ‘Your experience of how Coronavirus affects your life’. ALL our talented and dedicated students responded with fantastic short films made and edited on their mobiles.

Strenghten our connections during this lockdown time by watching the video here:


A Desire to Express

We’ve been seeing some specially strong desires to film and express in our 2019/20 Film2Learn2£arn students and this is not suppressed by the lockdown.

We appreciate their passion and creativity, and we love to take them further to the next stage of their career. We are working hard to figure out more ways to help them and more young people to express and achieve their creative desires, and we will be updating on this page soon.

To get a taste of our students’ creative talent, pick one newly edited video from earlier this term!


The Medallion, Return and Self

Films made by 2019/20 Film2Learn2£arn students Sophie Dean, Mung Ra and Elio Qafa

Even though the films were just from the beginning of the journey,  great dedication and imagination could be spotted already. More interesting films and updates on progress are coming soon!

2019 Lambeth Country Show screening our 2018 film

Photograph by Greg at 2019 Lambeth Country Show

Looking forward to future activities

If you read our newsletter sometimes, you will know that Sparkworks and our young people have proudly filmed London’s biggest free family festival Lambeth Country Show in 2018 and 2019 as their official filmming provider.

Despite the show being cancelled for this year, we are delighted to be invited to film it in 2021, and we look forward to the wonderful event in the coming year.

Although due to COVID-19, we have to postpone our Gala Screening Event at the BFI Stephen Street, we expect to see you again soon with exciting films and lovely activities later this year.

We will also meet and chat with a bond stronger than ever. It will be so nice to see you there! Formal announcement to follow, but please do get in touch to say hello and we will secure your place 🙂

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Photograph by Greg at our 10th Anniversary

Stay Connected

Although the Creative Sparkworks premises are not currently operational in the light of government guidelines, the dedication and energy has just moved to distance working and is maintaining our students’ development, developing our short and mid-term strategy for the COVID-19 landscape, writing emergency fundraising and longer-term bid writing.

We are rising to the challenge along with so many of our fellow small charities and wish each other support and success for our beneficiaries and our wonderful staff teams.

Fresh Day

From 2019/20 Film2Learn2£arn student film Lockdown Life

About Film2Learn2£arn

Funded by the Walcot Foundation, the course provides free inclusive filmmaking skills and employment training, with paid work experience.

We started our first Film2Learn2£arn course in 2013, in response to requests from young people in our locality.

We aim to increase our young people’s general wellbeing, education, skills and employment through the arts.

Since when, we have delivered industry approved and funded film skills and employment training courses to over 100 young adults, 85% of whom have moved into paid entry level work in the industry, 5% entered higher education, 5% are in full-time other jobs or training.

We are here for Lambeth’s next generation.

We want to hear from you

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If you feel like lending us a hand, any form of donation will be so helpful! (Kit donation is great too!)

If you are a prospective student, contact us now to book your free place for next year! You may have the chance to come in and discover more about the course.

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