Board of Testimonials

A two way reflection from our students and their employers

Board of Testimonials

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We help young Lambeth residents from underrepresented groups to gain paid employment in the film and TV industry. We are famous for our quality and accredited FREE training, as well as high employment rate with some of the most notable production companies in the UK.

You can find feedback from both our students and their employers here 🙂


With BBC

My time with Creative Sparkworks gave me the resources, understanding and support I needed to get me my first big job in scripted TV. I joined as the first lockdown was starting and the people at Sparkworks helped keep me motivated and ready for when things opened up again. Without them I wouldn’t be where I am now and and their support and knowledge has been invaluable in helping me get started in the Film and TV industry.


Yr 2020 student, Creative Sparkworks

We’ve all been really impressed with Emile. He’s really gotten stuck in and approached every task with a positive and proactive attitude. I would happily recommend him to other productions and hope I get the opportunity to work with him again in the future.

Jonah Mayfield

Jr Production Manager, BBC Studios

Creative Sparkworks team Kali Bradford and Sam Edwards have been helping me find work in the industry for the past few months. At the beginning, I edited my cv and my cover letters.

They also encouraged me to apply on different platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and sent over contacts they knew in the industry. This really helped as I got in touch with Lydia from BBC, after speaking for a few days she referred me for a job that I was selected for. 


Yr 2020 student, Creative Sparkworks

Zahra was an absolute asset to our team. She took initiative, was bright, pro-active, and mucked in to make the production the best it could possibly be. I’d hire her again in a heartbeat.

Lydia Harrison

Videographer/Producer, BBC

Zahra was an absolute asset to our team. She took initiative, was bright, pro-active, and mucked in to make the production the best it could possibly be. I’d hire her again in a heartbeat.

Lydia Harrison

Videographer/Producer, BBC

Our 2019/20 Film2Learn2£arn Alumni

With My Accomplice

The experience overall was a fantastic insight into Live Production whilst abiding by the new COVID rules set; 2 meter distance, sanitising, temperature checks and cleaning surfaces.

The staff were happy with my work and the executive producer was so kind to send an email after thanking the runners. 

A huge thank you to Creative Sparkworks, I wouldn’t have had this opportunity if they hadn’t pushed me to keep going.


Yr 2020 student, Creative Sparkworks

Sandra has worked with us on a BBC Films music documentary in a PA role. She has been doing some really important script on the project as we move our edit forward. She is punctual, her work is brilliant and she is a pleasure to have on the team. We cannot recommend her highly enough.

Jamie Clark

Founder/EP, My Accomplice

Sparksworks gave me the job for the Puma Blue video on the phone and told me to do the Covid training. I went and did the job best I could, but it was hard to because corridors were so tight you couldn’t fit in anywhere. The job went alright and I was in and out. It was great getting paid work and would love to do that again. If there is any my accomplice stuff going again, I’ll do my best on it as I always do.


Yr 2020 student, Creative Sparkworks

Josh was a great asset on our shoot and very helpful to the camera team. He was proactive with a very positive attitude and I would happily have him on set again.

Francesca Willcock

Producer, My Accomplice

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Edited by Film2Learn2£arn graduate Leo

With Scout Productions

Working with Creative Sparkworks has been a blessing during a really tough time to be entering the industry. The tutors have expertise spanning multiple genres and specialities and a backlog of amazing contacts they are willing to leverage to help you get the best support available. Their advice and investment in my development were truly invaluable and a huge boost to my confidence. I was also able to attend virtual seminars from a range of industry professionals which kept me inspired and motivated to challenge myself and keep learning.

As a result of contacts made through Creative Sparkworks, I was able to secure work as a Location Marshal on a high-end commercial for Iconoclast. I reported to Morgane Valadie from Scout Productions and was tasked with stewarding the public away from set and ensuring their safety on a shoot with heavy machinery and vehicles moving at speed. The health and safety challenges of the shoot, combined with the added challenge of adhering to new COVID safety protocols made it a really valuable experience in terms of managing multiple lines of communication on a busy set, and has been a fantastic credit to add to my CV.


Yr 2020 student, Creative Sparkworks

Alice did a great job on set as a Location Marshall. She is easy going, enthusiastic and reliable which was much appreciated.

Morgane Valadie

Location Assistant, Scout Productions

The Break premiere

Pic kindly shared by Kyotková

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