2021 May Film of the Month:



Inspired by The Breakfast Club by John Hughes.

Starring William Simpson, Nigi Bello, Mirabelle Stuart, Kabita Vyas and Amelia Allen.

Kindly funded by the Walcot Foundation.

Made by our talented students from our 2018 summer film programme.

The film explores sense of self, gender identity, cutural norms, and relationship with others from a modern, young and fresh perspective.

It encourages self-love and self-acceptance, and was well-received at our fundraising and profile raising event in march and now it is officially released for the general public.



Mr Wright: William Simpson

Gyasi: Nigi Bello

Alex: Mirabelle Stuart

Rajita: Kavita Vyas

Pam: Amelia Allan



Writer: Cameron McCarthy
Director: Mikie Holmes
Producer: Sisina Molinaro
1st AD: Leonardo Oliveira
Cinematographer: Chelsea Bernard, Leonardo Oliveira
Sound Operator: Stefan Mohess, Simone Merino Frosi
Lighting: Jermaine James
Makeup Artist: Fiona Breslin
Photography: Greg Mavungu
Editors: Chelsea Bernard, Jermaine James

Special Thanks to Roots and Shoots