Film of the Month: Lockdown Life


Updated:  December 2020


With the UK lockdown starting from 23rd March 2020, students and staff at Creative Sparkworks swiftly adapted to the situation and continued with the teaching and learning of our free youth training programme, Film2Learn2£arn. (Read our latest course diary here)

Filmed on mobile phones by 2019/20 Film2Learn2£arn students in response to their first brief away from our Lambeth Walk Workshop, this collage documents their lives under lockdown from a personal perspective.

Some depict their daily routine, some illustrate their emotional responses to the lockdown and to the pandemic, and some hope to send uplifting messages, courage and love, to you, who is reading this.


The first Lockdown Life film could be watched here:

The following film, Lockdown Life II, in response to their second brief away from the workshop, illustrates their routine under lockdown from a personal perspective, with creative use of special effects and animation. It is a truthful, uplifting, and stylish sequel to the first one.

Watch it here and now:

Lockdown Life III, more students have experimented with special effects techniques and are being even more creative with their ideas and approaches. Their thoughts are thus not restricted in the quarantine, but flying to somewhere higher and with more fun.

Lockdown Life IV was created near the end of the 2019/20 Film2Learn2£arn academic year. The video comprises a series of lively, interesting, and hopeful short films, it also includes a short tutorial of editing film on mobile by our tutor Sam.


Fred, Wolfgang, Mansoor, Daniel, Mohammad, Sophie, Rory, Leo, Elio, Mung Ra

Sam Edwards

Film2Learn2£arn 2019/20

kindly funded by

The Walcot Foundation

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