Having come a long way we are now concentrated in delivering Film & TV Education and Skills Training courses which was born in response to requests from young people in our locality; Learn2Make2£arn Wellbeing and Community Programme began in 2010 for hard to reach unemployed young people aged 16 to 25 in South London; it became the inspiration in 2013 for Film2Learn2Earn which led to our current industry approved, funded film skills and employment training courses that have reached over 570+ young adults, 85% of whom have moved into paid entry level work in the industry, 5% entered higher education, 5% are in full time other jobs or training. We are proud of the inclusivity and diversity of our courses; they engage the widest demographic of young adults and the difference these young people tell us it makes to their lives.

This is what we’ve been up to over the years:


Digi Sparks

The Creative Sparkworks team kept the Film & TV training courses going through the pandemic, mostly achieved online and although we all faced challenges through this time we managed through to completion. DaVinci colour grading coaching sessions were held online by our in-house tutor Saiyfudiyn Winter.


Digi Sparks Ignites Your Career

A very different start to the year with another group of budding young talent, who in the middle of their course had to shift their mindset and work along Creative Sparkworks to complete the course in an unconventional way. A FREE 6-month online course ‘Digi-sparks ignites your online career’, was offered to 15 young people on universal credit. Our students created a series of films called ‘Lockdown Life’ Filmed on mobile phones in response to their first brief away from our Lambeth Walk Workshop, this collage documents their lives under lockdown from a personal perspective.


6th Film2Learn2£arn Training Programme

The Creative Sparkworks team kept the Film & TV training courses going and were also appointed as the official film provider (again!) for the famous Lambeth Country Show, London’s biggest free family festival attended by 180,000 visitors.


5th Film2Learn2£arn Training Programme

The latest group of young trainees who along with taking part in the Film & TV Training course, also worked on a commission for Lambeth Council to make the film of this year’s Lambeth Country Show.
Not only did the students work on the Lambeth Country Show, they also wrote, filmed and edited the short film ‘Schools In’.


4th Film2Learn2£arn Training Programme

The short film ‘Sleep Walking’ was written, filmed and edited by this year’s students.
The Film & TV Training group filmed their first commissioned piece for the Shahma drumming group.


3rd Film2Learn2£arn Training Programme

This year our Film & TV Training group went on to make the film “Jilted”.


2nd Film2Learn2£arn Training Programme

The 2015 Film & TV Training course had camera work as the main focus for this groups interests, with dolly track tutorials and lighting very much a huge focus point, resulting in a series of short films.


1st Film2Learn2£arn Training Programme

Our trainees first commissioned paid project for the Ethelred Estate Funday for 3,000 people. Commissioned by the Watmos Community Homes.


Film2Learn2£arn Training Programme Pilot

2013 Learn2Film2£arn (Film with Health in MIND) was born in response to requests from young people in our locality funded by the Awards For All – we had one camera, 2 laptops with which trainees made ‘Vauxhall Voices: Community Bridges’ documentary.

Learn2Make2£arn (Film with Health in MIND) wellbeing and community program began in 2010; it became the inspiration for our film skills and employment training courses we currently run where participants build their confidence, creativity, design craft, business and employability skills.