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This summer @Sparkworks

Admin, London, United Kingdom

4 September 2019

Greetings from Creative Sparkworks!

Thanks for checking out our very first newsletter. This summer was especially busy and exciting at Sparkworks. So many people came and enjoyed arts with us, and our film students were making progress non-stop. We hope it was a meaningful summer for you too.

Lambeth Country Show

Filming for Lambeth Country Show 2019

Photograph by Greg

This year, we were appointed as the official film provider (again!) for the famous Lambeth Country Show, London’s biggest free family festival.

After receiving positive feedback on our 2018 Country Show video, our young Film2Learn2£arn trainees again demonstrated their skills and professionalism. The 2019 Country Show video is now in the post-production stage and will be with you soon.

Country Show main screen showing our film

Photograph by Greg

During the Country Show, our 2018 video was being shown on the main screen, attracting much interest to the amazing work we do.

130,000 people attended the event and many of them also visited our stall near the Herne Hill entry.

‘Busy and Paid’

‘The UK film industry can be impossible to break into unless you have contacts and can afford to work for free to gain experience’.

 We understand the difficulties, but we always strive to help.

Here at Creative Sparkworks, we make it possible for many young people from disadvantaged groups in the past 10 years.

We skill them up through our free inclusive courses then source paid work via our existing links in the film and TV industry.

Now many of them are busy and paid.

We’d love to share some latest progresses made by our trainees with you:

  • One of our 2018/19 Film2Learn2£arn trainee worked on the latest James Bond film No Time to Die (2020) as a location marshal.
  • One of our 2018/19 Film2Learn2£arn trainee joined Spectrecom Films, the UK’s largest independent film studio facility and production company, on their work experience scheme.


Painting a community mural

Photographed in Autumn

Isledon Village Mural

We were invited to paint a community mural by the Peabody Charity at Isledon Village in North London, bringing lots of local residents together.

The mural is now back to the artists’ studio for finishing touches, and will be ready for the Reveal Ceremony in October. We will post news on here soon.

Buzzy Beez 2019

Filming Buzzy Beez delivered by David Anderson

Photograph by Mansoor

We had three weeks of intense and interesting Buzzy Beez programme in Autumn, with local children on the China Walk and the Briant Estate.

The programme involved Art, Craft and Filmmaking activites and was for children aged 5 to 15. We had more than over 70 children attended and enjoyed our activities.

Mosaic and Pottery Buzzy Beez

Photograph by Fiona

We are embracing an exciting autumn with lots of activities and events. Our new 2019/2020 Film2Learn2£arn course is starting this early autumn and we can’t wait to welcome so many young talented people from Lambeth to kickstart their journey into film and TV.

Please look forward to more updates on our autumn activities.